Custom Private Photography Workshops and Tours

Private Custom Photography Workshops and Tours to great locations where we will show you how to make awe inspiring photos.

Private one on one mentoring and custom small group trips tailored to your family, friends or camera club.

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Samples of just a few of the private custom trip offered by Jess Lee

Yellowstone wolf
two packs of wolves facing off during breeding season.

Winter in Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Winter Photography Workshop and Tour. We will have you photographing the best of Yellowstone in Winter during the workshop. You will photograph geat landscapes and wintering wildlife. On this trip you will learn how to photograph the splendor of Yellowstone or other locations in winter.

Yellowstone in winter is the place to photograph the home of spectacular wildlife such as snow-covered Bison, the elusive Yellowstone wolves, and Big Horn Sheep. Predators such as Bobcats, River Otters, Coyotes, and Foxes are a high priority in our search for these silent hunters.

Winter here in Yellowstone gives us some of the world's most unique winter landscape photography with awe-inspiring beautiful snow blanked landscapes holding pristine, steaming geysers. You will capture images of frozen waterfalls, snow ghost trees and ice rimed hot springs.

During your Yellowstone Winter trip, you will have Jess and one of his experienced local guide/instructors at your side to assist you to capture incomparable photographs unique to the Yellowstone Winter Photograohy experience. You will be traveling and photographing in a small group of 3 photographers in one of our luxury large, warm SUV's with your professional instructor/guide. This trip is hosted and lead by long time Yellowstone eco-system resident professional photographer and National Geographic cover photographer Jess Lee.For more information

Alaska Bears

Just Fishing

Limited Edition Wildlife photos. Brown Bear diving for Salmon

Teton Early Winter

Moose Row, Grand Teton Wintering Moose

Grand Teton Moose on the Winter Range.

The White Horses of France

Camargue White Horses Photo FPW_9026
A photo of the white horses of the Camargue running through the water. Provence France.

Emerald Pond

The beauty of the Hoe Rainforest

Time and Time again

The soft evening light and smooth Pacfic Ocean lend a sense of calm to a place that during a storm can be anything but calm. Now is the time to enjoy the calm.

Redwoods, Oregon Coast and Pacific Northwest

Cowboys and Wild Horses

Day Break

Wildlife Safaris Worldwide

Jess Lee's National Geographic Cover

National Geographic Cover Photo by Jess Lee. Yellowstone Wolf in the Wild.

Washington Oregon and the Pacific Northwest Autumn Landscapes,

Autumn Falls

Pilot Peak Horse herd

Photography of Cowboys, Horses and life in the West.

Wyoming horse herd running on their way to a new pasture.