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Wolf Photos from Alaska to Grand Teton / Yellowstone

Wolf Pictures - Photography from the Wild

Wolf Photo Prints and Wall Art pictures of wolf packs, single wolves, howling wolves, and lone wolves in limited edition, fine art wolf photo prints for sale. Wolf art prints are available as Acrylic, Metal, Canvas, and Fine Art Paper framed and unframed ready-to-hang artworks. The unparalleled variety of pictures of wolves found here were made by Jess Lee, drawing on his years as a student of wolf behavior while watching and photographing wolves in the wild. The wolf photo prints pictured in this gallery were all photographed in the wilds Of Alaska and Yellowstone by Jess Lee.

In this online gallery can view, learn about and purchase some of the finest Wolf Pictures available as prints. All of the wolf pictures in this gallery have been photographed in the wilds of Yellowstone and Denali National Parks by wildlife photographer Jess Lee. Included in this gallery, you will see for reference the Yellowstone Wolf, a National Geographic cover photo by Jess Lee used in conjunction with an article about the return of the wild wolf to Yellowstone.

Many of the wolf pictures you see here are the results of Jess's Yellowstone wolf photography project. The work done then resulted in Jess being the major contributor to the groundbreaking Yellowstone Wolves in the Wild book. This book was the first wolf wildlife book to have all wild wolf photos. Many of the Wolf photos from this gallery have appeared in magazines and other publications produced by National Geographic, National Wildlife, Smithsonian, and many more.

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