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Teton Sunrise

Limited Edition of 50 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Prints of Spring Sunrise reflection at Greand Teton National park panorama. Photos copyright © Jess Lee

Thank you for visiting my online gallery of fine art photography. My goal is to provide the very best in Landscape, Western and Wildlife photographic artwork using the most advanced photography, processing and printing processes, with the highest quality materials. Here you will find a series of articles and rambling where I give my view on the subjects that make up great photography. Locations, Gear, Techniques and personal opinions on photography related subjects.

If you have questions or special project in mind, please contact me and and we can discuss options to meet your needs.

Trip Reports

Rhododendrons and Redwoods. Exclusive Limited Edition Photography fine art print. Limited to 50 prints.The Redwood National and State Parks (RNSP) are a complex of several state and national parks located in the United States, along the coast of northern California...

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Exclusive Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

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Wolves hunting bison

Gear, Stuff, Equiptment, it all matters but Just how much? coming soon.


Limited Edition of 50 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Prints. Photos copyright © Jess Lee

An aurora (plural: auroras or aurorae),[a] sometimes referred to as polar lights, northern lights (aurora borealis), or southern lights (aurora australis), is a natural light display in the Earth's sky, predominantly seen in the high-latitude regions(around the Arctic and Antarctic)...