Photography Workshops and Photo Tours

Landscape and Wildlife Photo Tours and Workshops

Jess Lee Photography Workshops and Tours taking you to great locations at the best time while you learn to capture and make awesome images. Locations for Landscapes and Wildlife include Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Alaska for bears, and Aurora, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon and Washington, Africa, India, Mexico, and Brazil. Private photo trips for Landscapes, Wildlife, and night classes.

Custom Worldwide Photography Adventures

Zion National Park Watchman with Milky Way photograph

Milky Way rising above Desert Mountains

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If you don't see the workshop you are looking for feel free to contact us since we have non listed trips under development or For information on Exclusive Private Trips Contact Jess

With us, you will: learn new skills, Create images you have always wanted, Grow your vision with these workshops. Trip led by Professional Photographers Jess Lee, Tamara Gooch and our team.

We are now offering a limited number of photography workshops designed to teach you how to make you images stand above the crowd. Why be another picture taker when we can teach you how to be a story teller and show passion in your photos ?

We cover the Best Places at the best time to put you in the right place. Then we show you the way to make your images stand out from the crowds. No matter if your quest is for Bears Catching salmon, beauitful Landscapes, hunting wolves or sublime nature, we can put you there in a group or on a private trip.


By joining one of our photography workshops where you can learn photography from professional photographers and great teachers. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn about the art of photography or a professional wanting to fill your portfolio, our workshops will put you in the best place, at the best time. We will teach you how you can create stunning images and help you grow with new visual perceptions.

Authorized permittee of the National Park Service.and BLM

Photographing Wildlife in Yellowstone Yellowstone with
Yellowstone winter Photography, by Jess Lee
Yellowstone Winter Photography Workshop &Tour

Yellowstone Winter Photography workshop and tour led by Professional photographers with a lifetime of experience in Yellowstone and the Tetons. This is the time for the deepest snow of the winter and the mating time for predators so conditions are right for great photography.

Southwest Monsoon & Milky Way Photography Workshop

Just in time for Big Sky's, sometimes filled with dramatic Clouds and sometimes with the beauty of the Milky Way

Autumn Grand Teton Yellowstone Photography  Workshop

Yellowstone-Teton Photo Workshop Autumn. The right place at the right time.

Grand Teton Early Winter Photography Workshop and Instructional Photo Tour

Start the Holiday season with one of the finest Winter Photography trips you can imagine. Early winter in the Tetons, breathtaking scenery, prime conditioned Wildlife, and the full moon with a lunar eclipse.


Southwest Spring & Milky Way Photography Workshop

The right time to photograph the Southwest in spring and the beauty of the Milky Way spring with the horizon to horizon low arching coverage.

Utah Wild Horse immersive photography experience in the Onaqui

Wild Horse Photo Tours

Great locations, healthy Horses in awesome Western Country with professional photographer guides/instructors who know the ways and the people of the west.

 Cowboys and Wild Horses Photography  Workshop June 16-22 2024

Cowboy Photography Workshops

The location is Beautiful, the Horses are wild, and the Cowboys and Cowgirls are awesome. Come surround yourself and your photography in the real west. Live the Life!

Yellowstone-Grand Teton Winter Wildlife Photo Tour

Yellowstone Winter Photography workshop and tour led by Professional photographers with a lifetime of experience in Yellowstone and the Tetons. The above photo was chosen as the lead photo in a National Wildlife Magazine article of the best 12 photos in the 40 year history of publishing the Magazine. The photo was taken on a Jess Lee Photography workshop.