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Articles of informative, educational stories and news announcement on a variety of subject pertaining to Jess Lee Photography and Fine Art Photography in general. Here you will find a series of articles and thoughts where I give my view on the subjects such as selecting fine art photography, creating great photography, the master nature photographers past and present and personal opinions on photography related subjects.

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Fine Art Photo Gallery


Resources for Fine Art Shoppers
Today  |  Worldwide

Fine Art Photography Print Shoppers Guide: Navigating the World of Fine Art Photography

Resources for Photographers, Where, When, to improve their craft.

Mastering the Art of Photography?
An Evolving Guide to When, Where, What Gear, and Techniques to make your images.

Conservation Photography : An Interview with Jess Lee by Defenders of Wildlife.
March 2, 2015  |  Planet Earth
What makes great conservation photography and why does it matter?

As we launch our sixth annual photo contest, Defenders sat down with accomplished wildlife photographer, Jess Lee to talk about his passion for conservation photography and the important role photography has played in wildlife conservation...

Annenberg Space for Photography Gallery Presents, Cowboy Country by Jess Lee



Jess Lee is a professional photographer with over 40 years of experience in capturing evoctive images of the west, its land, wildlife and people...

The Yellowstone Photographer
Yellowstone National Park | Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most iconic and breathtaking natural wonders in the United States. Spanning over 2 million acres, this pristine wilderness area is home to an array of scenic landscapes and wildlife that continue to captivate visitors from all over the world...

Ansel Adams, Photographer of Large Format Black and White Prints
today  |  Mountain Photography | Visualizing the West

Ansel Adams - Mountain Photographer & Master of Light

"Ansel Adams - The man who freed photographers to make art rather than just take pictures" - Jess Lee

Snake River overlook by Ansel Adams

The Tetons and the Snake River (1942) Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams...

Peter Lik Photography Style | Fine Art Prints
Fine Art Photo Gallery
Peter Lik Style Fine Photography for the Home and Office

Photos Copyright © Jess Lee

Peter Lik's style of prints and photography is hallmarked by bright, bold colors in the wide panoramic format...

Two professional photographers captured IU Southeast’s attention at the Ogle Center

Two professional photographers captured IU Southeast’s attention at the Ogle Center

Jess Lee and Tamara Gooch spoke about equine, wildlife and landscape photography

Sydney Randall

Tamara Gooch (right) answers a question while Jess Lee listens...

Fine Art America Pro & Con a Photography  Review for the serious buyer?
02-01-2024  |  America

Is Fine Art America a good place to shop for Fine Art?

Fine Art America is a huge marketplace, so yes, it can be a good place to shop for many things that may or may not be fine art. That is one of the problems with Fine Art America...