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Discovering Fine Art Nature Photography Galleries: A Guide to Finding Art for Your Space

In the quest to enhance our personal spaces and create serene environments away from crowded public areas, the allure of nature's beauty beckons. While we cherish the idea of traveling to breathtaking natural locations, the reality is that our daily lives often revolve around our homes and offices. So, how can we infuse the essence of those magnificent outdoor settings into our living spaces? One exquisite solution is by elevating your wall art, both at home and in the workplace. If you're wondering how to find the finest nature photography galleries, this article is your compass. We'll delve into the world of art galleries and introduce an alternative approach to discovering outstanding art.

Unveiling the Art Gallery Landscape

In the vast tapestry of art galleries, the search for those specializing in nature photography can seem like a treasure hunt. While many mid to large cities boast art galleries, the real gems may be tucked away in nature-rich destinations like Aspen, Park City, La Jolla, and Las Vegas. Join us on a journey as we navigate the landscape of art discovery.

Traditionally, art collectors would assert that museum-quality artwork could only be procured from exclusive, high-brow galleries. These collectors, often doubling as art brokers, would emphasize the importance of investing in pieces with substantial after-market resale value. In their view, the aesthetic appeal of artwork on your wall should be a secondary consideration. However, for the majority of art enthusiasts, the primary goal is to acquire artwork that resonates emotionally and brings joy to their daily lives.

Art That Speaks to Your Soul

Art seekers often seek pieces that connect with their emotions, evoking fond memories of places they've visited or dreamt of visiting. It could be an abstract work of art that complements the interior of their home or office, transporting them to a different realm. A favorite wildlife subject or a Western scene can serve as a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Surrounding oneself with visually stunning artwork, characterized by exceptional production value, can positively impact one's state of mind and overall enjoyment of their living space. For these discerning art enthusiasts, the potential for resale value takes a back seat to personal satisfaction.

However, it's important to acknowledge that there's another facet to art collection—investment potential. Art pieces you love may indeed appreciate in value over time. Take the example of Vincent van Gogh, who sold only a few paintings during his lifetime. His relative obscurity at the time was not a reflection of the value of his work but rather a lack of exposure to a broad market. In today's interconnected world, his fame would have spread more swiftly, and the worth of his art would have soared. A contemporary instance is photographer Vivian Maier, whose work remained undiscovered until her passing at 83 in 2009. A perceptive art collector recognized the intrinsic value of her work, and today, her fine art photography is among the most sought-after in the world. Such stories continue to unfold, underscoring the potential for art to appreciate significantly.

Choosing Art That Resonates

When considering an art purchase, the most fundamental question is whether you resonate with the piece. If the answer is a resounding "yes," then, as the saying goes, it's time to write that check or, in today's digital age, reach for your card.

In conclusion, the pursuit of fine art nature photography galleries can be a rewarding journey filled with aesthetic discoveries and emotional connections. While the traditional art world may have emphasized investment potential, the contemporary art enthusiast often seeks art that enriches their everyday life. Whether you're drawn to landscapes that transport you to distant vistas or abstract works that harmonize with your space, art has the power to transform your surroundings and evoke profound emotions. So, as you embark on your quest to find the perfect artwork, remember that the true value of art lies in the joy it brings to your life.

Heat | Aspen Tree Blur



Individual Artist Gallery - This is the gallery many artist aspire to have. In the one artist gallery the potential clients entering the establishment are a captive audience at the mercy of the highly skill "Art Consultants".

There are several business models employed in an individual artists gallery. The most pleasant one is the case where upon entering the gallery you are greeted and told if you have any questions just ask and the staff will be happy to help you. Browse the art at your leisure and enjoy the work.

The other model while very profitable is slightly more akin to purchasing a timeshare condo. Here perspective buyers can be taken into a darkened private viewing room where they are presented a slideshow of beautifully composed and colorful images while the sales person dramatically spins the yarn of how the photographer was swept away with emotion while avoiding the near death challenges the artist overcame to capture the masterwork. It is best here to ignore the suggestions of making a great profit on your purchase based on the exclusiveness of the art and make your purchase solely because you love the artwork.

Co-op Art Gallery - usually run by a group of artists who pool together to pay for overhead costs, share the exhibit space and generally rotate which artists work is in the gallery. The benefit in this gallery for the artist is that there is less financial outlay and a guaranteed way to exhibit your work publicly. Drawbacks are that the artist has to share with space and compete with their fellow colleagues for attention when one of their competitors is acting as the sales person that day. The quality of art on display is often variable since there is no curator responsible for the overall quality of work displayed. This can reduce the viewing experience.

The Local Eclectic Art Gallery - possibly the most interesting gallery to view general art. This gallery type is owned, operated, and curated by a individual who knows quality and loves art. Here art galleries have a small carefully selected group of artists that are represented. In exchange for a large cut of the sale, these galleries will represent the artist and sell to patrons on their behalf. There can be some degree of prestige attached to exhibiting at a local gallery. For the shopper, while the work may not be mainstream, a visit can be an interesting experience were you might find a piece that speaks your vibe.

High End Art Galleries - The most exclusive of all art gallery types. These galleries usually only exhibit artists who are past masters or currently established in the art world. The work you see in this type of gallery is not a place to look for a bargain. A investment yes, but the starting price is usually something that is not a consideration in acquiring this type of art. Here the art, in addition to being loved, has an expectation that the value of the piece will increase while enjoying the visual appreciation.

    Morning view of Canyonlands

    Limited Edition of 50 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Prints of Canyon Lands View panorama in Red Rocks Country. Photos Copyright © Jess Lee


    Cities with the most art galleries per Google.

    New York, NY 2702

    Los Angeles, CA 435

    San Francisco, CA 365

    Chicago, IL 345

    Houston, TX 283

    Miami, FL 248

    Washington D.C. 234

    Seattle, WA 211

    Philadelphia, PA 209

    San Diego, CA 190

    These top art cities have a couple of things in common, they are visited by a large number of tourists and have high overhead. These large cities are art centers for a reason. They have a broad spectrum of galleries that vary in quality and run the gamut of genres and styles mentioned above. However; there is a downside to buying art in cities like these. As mentioned, overhead is high, real estate prices and the overall cost of doing business is astronomical. A good sales staff is hard to find and commands a high return of their sales. So to generate enough revenue to make even a small profit, these galleries in general are often charging prices that only the affluent can afford. So, as explained the price may not correlate with the value that the art collector receives from the art. But this is true with all brick and mortar businesses in todays world.

    Summer Morning

    Morning on Mt Rainier, a Limited Edition of 100 Fine Art Photography Prints.

    A interesting but deceptive marketing technique is used by the high end galleries who do not price the displayed artwork. Why would a gallery not list prices you may ask? As in some exotic markets the implied thought is, if you have to ask then you can't afford it. Then when you do ask and the price is higher than expected you may adjust your perception of the value as the "Art Consulant" explains the perceived value as they proceed to "romance the art".

    The Oregon Trail of Trees

    Fine Art landscape photograph of a Tree lined, leaf covered country road presented in a Limited Edition print of 200 copies.

    Day Break

    Fine Art Limited Edition Photography of Cowboys, Horses and life in the West.


    So you don't live near an art mecca but there might still be local art galleries near you. Local galleries can be found with a Google search, Yelp, TripAdvisor and just keep your eyes open as you travel locally. Who knows you may find a hidden talent grabbing some low rent space in one of those nearly abandoned strip malls. Even the greatest talents started somewhere.


    In the past high end art connoisseurs and even value seeking collectors looking for the finest works of art combed the large and small storefront galleries, searching for those hidden gems or to discover new talent.
    Today we have access to the largest market the world has known. Online viewing and purchasing of art has never been more reliable and easy. Not only can you view and purchase art from the comfort and safety of your home but many single artist web based businesses offer a greater variety of high quality art than any brick and motor gallery can offer. The success of business like Amazon are the obvious example of how online shopping can be more affordable and offer a better selection for the normal consumer. Today that fact is never more important than in the world of art.

    The fact is, in the photography fine art world, there are only a few production facilities that have the capabilities to product true high quality/museum standard, limited edition photographic art. Those production facilities are shared by most of the quality, limited edition, fine art photographers. The days of pumping out those "archival" desk top inkjet prints are behind us, thankfully.

    I began my photography career in the days when the only digits in the darkroom were on the ends of your hands and you used your fingers to dodge and burn the image, bringing the shadow and highlights of the print to life. I sometimes miss that simpler time, but in my heart I know when I produce my art the quality will surpass the hand made prints of the past. Today with much greater control I have while using the huge monitor in my digital darkroom where I can develop my images to revel the vision I had when making the picture. Then send the files from my computer to my production team where the latest technology is used to make large format prints commonly as large as 120". Then I can get back in the field quickly, doing what I love in producing more art for my collectors to enjoy.

    In the past much of my career was spent in the fast paced run and gun photography of the publishing industry. Today I have the luxury of providing high quality, gallery style, fine art photography prints to private collectors worldwide, art consultants and international interior designers, to nearly 1000 prints in a single sale to a luxury hotel under a short time frame for a gubernatorial inauguration party, and hospitals such as Walter Reed where my work greets returning wounded members of the Armed Forces. A different time with different rewards.

    My Artwork is produced in several mediums ranging from Black and White fine art rag papers to Metal, Canvas, Wood mounted Plaq's, and the finest TrueLife Acrylic with Italian frames available. Myself and my team are very knowable about fast turnaround custom projects so if you have any questions about a photography project or print from the smallest paper print to the largest most modern Acrylic contact me at anytime.

    Utah Diamond in the Desert

    Blue Eternity-A Desert Diamond

    Limited Edition Luxurious Fine Art Print of 50 pieces © Copyright Jess Lee


    Why should you buy Fine Art Photography ?

    "Fine art photography is photography created in line with the vision of the photographer as an artists using photography as a medium for creative expression." Really?

    I think the goal of fine-art photography should be to capture a concept that will express an idea, a message, or an emotion that the artist-photographer felt when the idea for the photo was conceived. That conception often happens months or even years before the shutter is pressed. Then other times the concept of the final image changes while the photo-artists is looking through the viewfinder. This stands in contrast to representational photography, such as photojournalism, which provides a documentary visual account of specific subjects and events, literally representing objective reality rather than the subjective intent of the photographer; and commercial photography, the primary focus of which is to advertise products, or services.

    In short Fine Art photography is about creation rather than documentation. Easy enough to say, but concept creation in photography is not really that easy. The camera is meant to capture a scene, whether in stills or video, it can be the ultimate documentary device. It is the photo-artists job to make that capture more than what we commonly see. There are as many ways to accomplish this concept. A skilled artist has many tools at hand to make this captured scene their own. Lens can compress or expand how the scene is captured. The shutter can control the actual time the scene is recorded but slowing or freezing movement in a scene. The angle of light the artist chooses will make the scene seem harsher or softer, more defined by shadow or reviewed by direct light. That is only a few of the vast decisions the photo artist has the opportunity to make in the creation process there are many more to make before that shutter is opened.

    Then when the image is recorded the fine art concept takes another step in the process. That of the darkroom work to bring the concept to life. It is not really important if the artist chooses the manual manipulation of the image with enlarger, burning and dodging the light as it strikes the paper and filter to control the strength of the contrast or a computer and software to have even more control of the creative process. Those decisions are just the choices the photo artist can make in the creation of their fine art photograph.

    Gear Down

    Bring home the power and beauty of the amazing fine art American Bald Eagle photograph Gear Down by Jess Lee from his Wildlife Photography Gallery. Purchase yours today! A Fine Art photograph with a Limited Edition of 50. Photo copyright © Jess Lee

    Zion Red Rocks and Snowy Trees

    Limited Edition of 50 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Photography Prints of Zion Red Rocks and Snowy Trees in the the American Southwest. Photos Copyright © Jess Lee

    Mesa Arch Glow over Washer Woman

    Limited Edition of 50 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Prints of Mesa Arch in Canyon Lands Country. Photos Copyright © Jess Lee

    Twisted Wave | Wild Surf

    Reverse Twisted Wave Seascape Surf Photos from a Fine Art Limited Edition Gallery of 100 prints.

    Shadow s of the past | Wild mustangs

    Shadow Mustangs a Fine art Limited edition Photo offered as 100 Exclusive Prints

    Polar Bear Print
    3 Polar Bears, Arctic National Wild Refuge, Alaska. ( ANWR )
    Brown Bear Photo
    Grizzly Bear fine art limited edition of 300 prints
    Gateway to Autumn | Fine Art Tree Photography

    Fine Art Exclusive Limited Edition of 200 luxury prints.

    This beautiful tree lined driveway cloaked in red leaves seems to embrace visitors with the vibrant warm of the Autumn season in the Pacific Northwest.

    Photo © Jess Lee

    Nursing Grizzlies
    Grizzly Bear nursing Black and White Gallery Print
    Lion Resting in Tree

    Black and White photo of African Lion resting in a tree

    Teton Autumn breaking storm

    Breaking Storm over the Teton Range from Snake River Overlook.

    A Fine Art Limited Edition of 200 Luxurious Prints.

    The Emperor | Japanese Maple

    Limited Edition of 50 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Prints of this awesome Japanese Maple tree photographed at the Japanese Garden in Portland. ©Jess Lee

    More Color

    Fine Art Limited Edition Photography of Washington.

    Washington Autumn Landscapes, Rivers, waterways.This is part of the luxurious collection of fine art, limited edition, Washington landscape, exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Photography Prints of Washington, and the Washington land. Photos copyright © Jess Lee

    Ripples in the sand leading up to the totems in Monument Valley, Arizona.

    Limited Edition of 50 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Prints of sand dunes. Photos Copyright © Jess Lee

    Yellowstone wolves Howling for the Pack's Return

    These wolves are howling to regroup the pack ( Hayden Pack and the White wolf) after being attacked by the Mollies wolves.

    Picture of Yellowstone Wolves in the Wild. Exclusive limited edition photo of 800 prints by Jess Lee

    Aurora Borealis over the Gates of the Arctic National Park Brooks Mountain Range

    Brooks Mountain Range, Gates of the Arctic N.P. Aurora Photograph

    Fine Art Limited Edition of 200 prints. Arctic outbreak of Aurora Borealis over the Gates of the Arctic National Park. The park protects portions of the Brooks Range in northern Alaska. The park is the northernmost national park in the United States, situated entirely north of the Arctic Circle. The park is the second largest in the US at 8,472,506 acres (13,238 sq mi; 34,287 km2), slightly larger in area than Belgium.There are no roads in Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. Owing to its remoteness and lack of supportive infrastructure, the park is the least visited national park in the U.S., and one of the least visited areas in the entire U.S. National Park System and is a great place for social distancing. Photo © copyright by Jess Lee

    The Delta Flow

    The Delta, a Limited Edition of 50 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Prints of Abstract Photography. Photos Copyright © Jess Lee

    Buffalo herd stampede

    Fine Art Limited Edition Photography of American Buffalo.

    Yes, the ground does shake as a big herd of Bison stampedes past. In this image the blur was intentional to show the power and speed of these awesome animals. One of the unusual things about this herd was the two newborn calves that at normally born in April or May. This was photographed in September.

    This is part of the luxurious collection of fine art, limited edition, cowboy, and western exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Photography Prints of western life and the people who live that life. Photos copyright © Jess Lee

    Autumn waterfall
    Beautiful Tree Photography
    Spring Flowers photo and Grand Teton Fine Art Print
    Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
    Lofoten Fishing Cabins
    Lofoten Norway
    Yellowstone Bobcat Photography Print
    Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
    Grand Teton National Park Photography Print of autumn in the Tetons
    Grand Teton | Wyoming USA
    A lovely wall art photographic print of a field of lupine flowers in the foreground and snow capped Mount Rainier at sunset.
    Mount Rainier National Park, Washington State
    Summer Paradise
    Washington State
    Mount Rainer Photograph Fine Art Print of summer blue color flowers and snow capped mountain photo. Edith Creek
    Mount Rainier National Park, Washington State
    Last of the Druids, Yellowstone Wild Wolf Photograph.
    Yellowstone | Wyoming
    Colorado Fall Color Photography Print Aspen twisted trees
    San Juan Mountains, Colorado
    Oregon Autumn Tree Trail Panorama
    Oregon, Pacific Northwest USA
    Mon and Cubs on Alert
    Alaska | USA
    Autumn mix
    Washington State
    Outreach Japanese Maple
    Washington State | PNW
    Fine Art Photographic print of Desert Monoliths in Utah's San Rafael Swell
    Near Mars Desert Research Station, San Rafael Swell, Utah
    Waterpocket Fold
    Capitol Reef, Utah
    Bryce Canyon Ridges
    Bryce Canyon | Utah
    Yellowstone Bull Bison lined up walking in winter snow with snow on there face.
    Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
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    Death Valley, Nat. Park | California
    Evening Rim Light
    Canyonlands | Utah
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