Black & White Wolf Photos | Wild Wolves Pictures

A Gallery of Black and White Wolf Photography and Fine Art Limited Edition photographic prints. The photos in this collection are of wolves photographed in the wild in the wolves native habitat. There are no controlled or domestic wolves or wolf photography in any gallery by Jess Lee. Many of the wolves that are in this gallery have also been seen in other pictures in Magazines such as National Geographic, National Wildlife, Smithsonian, Defenders of Wildlife and others,

But why Black and White ?

I believe Black and White photography especially in WildLife Photography gives the viewer the opportunity to have more of an emotional, almost primal connection with the subject. Strip away the color and you are forced to see the details, forced to become involved with the subject. If done properly Black and White WildLife Photography will take you beyond the beauty of color and allow you a fleeting look into the soul of the animal. All wolves have been photographed in the wild. To see more color Wild Wolf Photos check here