Black & White Wildlife Pictures | Museum Quality Photography Prints

Classic Black and White Art Prints for Sale

A collection of fine art wildlife, photography showcasing the beauty and simplicity of monochrome pictures in black and white as created by Jess Lee. The artwork found in this online gallery is available for purchase as handcrafted large format limited edition prints, using the highest quality materials available in any gallery today. The museum quality art work produced from this online gallery has a production limit of 50-200 per image. Each custom print arrives numbered and signed by Jess Lee along with a certificate of authenticity. Purchasing a piece of art from this online gallery can be completed by using the drop down menus found on the image product page. Click on the art work, select the print size and medium of your choice, enter your personal information and check out.

A note from Jess

The images you see here have been conceived to be classic black and white fine art prints. These quality black and white pieces of photographic art are more that just converted color pictures that have had a photo shop filter applied. The master art works you see on these galleries have been developed with the full attention to the vast tonal range available in a Black and White image.

Why Black and White Wildlife?

I believe Black and White photography especially in WildLife Photography gives the viewer the opportunity to have more of an emotional, almost primal connection with the subject. Strip away the color and you are forced to see the details, forced to become involved with the subject. If done properly Black and White WildLife Photography will take you beyond the beauty of color and allow you a fleeting look into the soul of the animal.