Hospital Art | Nature Photography Art to Promote Healing

The Power of Art in the Healing Process

Research shows that artwork, in particular images of nature, can increase tolerance of pain, reduce anxiety and even shorten a hospital stay. The Cleveland Clinic reported striking findings from a survey about its art program sent to 1,000 former patients. Of the patients who noticed the hospital’s art collection, 73% said it improved their mood and 61% said it reduced their stress. In addition, 39% claimed that it had a positive impact on their comfort or pain levels.

I would like to partner with you to create a relaxing and calming space to aid healing by using nature photography wall art in your space. One of my proudest accomplishments is to have my art hanging in one of the largest and most prestigious Veterans Hospitals in the United States. As the project director said "your art adds beauty to the lives of the veterans of our country who have given so much to all of us to keep us safe." Being a veteran myself that was as important to me as helping your patients is to you.

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