Best Capitol Reef National Park Photography Locations | Where to create great pictures

The Best Location Guide to Photographing Capitol Reef National Park | Unveiling Utah's Hidden Gem:

Capitol Reef National Park, nestled in the heart of Utah's red rock country, offers photographers a unique playground of surreal landscapes and dramatic geological features. From its multicolored cliffs and domes to its lush orchards and narrow canyons, the park presents a fascinating blend of natural wonders. This blog post will explore the best locations to photograph and create breathtaking pictures within Capitol Reef National Park.

1. Panorama Point and the Goosenecks

Start your photographic journey at Panorama Point, aptly named for its sweeping views of the Waterpocket Fold and the striking array of colors in the park's geological layers. A short walk from the point, the Goosenecks overlook provides an exceptional view of the Sulphur Creek goosenecks—an intricate and fascinating pattern carved over centuries by erosive forces.

2. Hickman Bridge

Hickman Bridge is one of the most popular natural arches within Capitol Reef. A relatively short hike will take you to this impressive geological feature. The bridge offers numerous creative opportunities for photographers, with the capacity to frame the landscape through the arch or capture the intricate textures and colors of the rock itself.

3. Cassidy Arch and Frying Pan Trail

The hike to Cassidy Arch and along the Frying Pan Trail provides a cornucopia of photographic delights. Cassidy Arch, named after the infamous outlaw Butch Cassidy, is a robust, photogenic arch. The Frying Pan Trail connects Cassidy Arch and Cohab Canyon and offers panoramic views of the Waterpocket Fold and Capitol Dome.

4. Grand Wash

Grand Wash is a picturesque canyon with sheer cliff walls reaching up to 800 feet high. This narrow gorge offers fascinating rock formations and desert varnish streaking down the walls. At the end of the wash, you can capture the famous Cassidy Arch from a distance.

5. Scenic Drive and the Castle

Capitol Reef's Scenic Drive is a picturesque route that leads you through the heart of the park, offering numerous photo opportunities along the way. The Castle, an iconic rock formation visible from the visitor center, is one of the most photographed features in the park. Capture the striking formation at sunset when it's bathed in a warm, golden light.

6. Temple of the Moon and Temple of the Sun

Located in the Cathedral Valley District of the park, the Temple of the Moon and Temple of the Sun are striking monoliths rising dramatically from the desert floor. These formations are particularly stunning at sunrise and sunset when the changing light paints them in a variety of hues.

Capitol Reef National Park is a photographer's paradise, offering an extraordinary diversity of landscapes and geological features to capture. This hidden gem of Utah's national parks provides an array of opportunities to create beautiful images, whether you're a seasoned photographer or just beginning your photography journey. From the intricate details of Hickman Bridge to the sweeping landscapes of Panorama Point, each location presents a unique chance to showcase the captivating beauty of Capitol Reef National Park.

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