Yellowstone-Grand Teton Winter Wildlife Photo Tour

Yellowstone mollie wolves

Yellowstone Mollies Wolf pack in the Wild. by Jess Lee

Yellowstone - Teton Holiday Winter Wildlife Photography tour

Dec 27th - Jan 5th

Teton Winter in Blue

Teton Winter Blues, Photograph the beauty and majesty of the Tetons and Yellowstone on this perfectly times photo tour.

Join Jess on this special wildlife photography exploration of the most dynamic wildlife ecosystem in North America at the perfect time. While most of the general Yellowstone and Grand Teton winter photography trips are operated from early January to early March, this trip is designed to get the most for the wildlife photographer. There is no other time and place where you have the opportunity to photograph big Moose with antlers, migrating Elk, Predators ( Wolves, Coyotes, Otters, Bobcats, and Foxes ) who have little contact with visitors for 6 weeks, Big Horn Sheep, Bison, and Pronghorn Antelope all in their prime condition.

Moose Row | Grand Teton Wintering Moose

Grand Teton Moose on the Winter Range.

We will begin this trip in Grand Teton National where the bull moose will generally be grouped up in bachelor bands with several large moose in each band. At this time of the year, there may be grizzlies still out of their dens as there have been in the past but to be honest, they could be denned, it just depends on the weather and availability of food. While the annual late elk hunt is controversial it does supply additional early winter food for bears, Last year the hunt ended Dec 12th. At this time of the year, Teton Elk are also migrating into the Elk Refuge so there can be good chances to photograph some big bulls.

Another special opportunity is Teton Wolves that are in a protected are but outside of the park.

The afternoon of the 14th we will take the scenic drive from Jackson to West Yellowstone where we will look for the winter Trumpeter Swans before we check into our rooms. On the morning of the 15th the road into the interior of the park will open to the public for over-snow travel in our custom 15 passenger Snowcoack with stand-up headroom and leg space. This part of the park will have been closed to public travel since early November which allows the predators to become less wary of the summer and fall crowds. This can be another exceptional chance to capture unique wildlife photos of otherwise elusive animals. The snow will be light this early in the season but this means most of the prey animals who live in these higher elevations of the park will not have migrated to the winter range in Lamar and Paradise valleys. For the next three days from before sunrise until near dark we will explore the newly opened river basins of the Madison, Gibbon, and Yellowstone in search of Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes, Pine Marten, and the secretive Bobcats. Yes, there will be other distractions such as steaming thermal areas, waterfalls, and frosty landscape photos but that will be secondary to our dawn until dark search from the most charismatic predators in North America.

Winter Hunter

Bobcat hunting in snow. Photos copyright © Jess Lee

Sneaky Fox Den

Fine Art Limited Edition of 50 photographic prints of a Yellowstone Fox in its den. © Jess Lee

After our final snowcoach exit of the park on the 17th, we will head for our last night of the trip in Jackson Hole where we will have a final sunrise photoshoot before we say our farewells and fly out of Jackson homeward.

Plan to arrive in Jackson Wyoming in the late morning or early afternoon go Dec 11th and depart from Jackson afternoon on the 18th.

Included, all transportation, lodging, guiding, and instruction from Jackson airport on Dec 11th to departure from the Jackson Wyoming airport noon on the 18th.

Deposit $1500 non-refundable. Total cost $7500 final payment due 90 prior to departure.

A two day extension into Lamar Valley is available Contact

Seasons Greetings | Teton River Otter

Winter in the Tetons, river otter hunting in a beaver pond for spawning fish. Limited Edition Print of 800.

Picture of 302 the Casanova Wolf

Purchase this limited edition fine art photography print of 302 the Casanova Wolf in Black and White from Jess Lee's Black and White Wild Wolf picture gallery. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 2200.

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Jackson Snow Moose

Jackson Hole bull Moose in early winter.

 Big Horn Sheep

Wintering Big Horn Sheep in the Tetons.

Photographing Wildlife in Yellowstone Yellowstone with
Yellowstone winter Photography, by Jess Lee
Say What?

Picture of a Wolf with bison

A lone wolf testing a herd of Bison to see if any of the Bison are injured or sick.

Photos copyright © Jess Lee

Sneaky Fox Den

Yellowstone Fox in its den. © Jess Lee


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