Southwest Spring & Milky Way Photography Workshop

Monument Valley light trails from cars

Monument Valley

Southwest Spring Photography Workshop, including White Pocket and Photograph the early season Milky Way.

April 6-12 th 2024

This southwest photo workshop during the new moon will feature many iconic locations for both day and night photoshoots. We will photograph places beyond the normal southwest photo tour. Places like Monument Valley and The White Pocket for Sunrise, Sunset, and Milky Way Photography will provide you with thrilling images and the instruction to capture these epic locations and process your images to bring out the beauty of these locations.

Beautiful colors strewn throughout the rock formations of Red Rocks Country in Arizona.

Limited Edition of 150 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Prints of White Pocket of Red Rocks Country in the American Southwest. Photos Copyright © Jess Lee

In northern Arizona and Utah are the tribal lands of the Navajo and Hopi people. We will photograph famous locations are Monument Valley and lesser known and visited are places like Coal Mine and Blue Canyon are possibilities depending on clear night skies. These are special places for both the Native Peoples and photographers. Unique in the American West, these locations captivate the spirit of the west, are made famous by many iconic western movies, and will be spell bounding locations for our day and night photography during this unique workshop.

Valley of the Gods by Starlight

Limited Edition of 50 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Prints of Red Rocks Country night photography. Photos Copyright © Jess Lee

From our starting point in Page, we will be in the center of some of the world's most dramatic landscape locations. The exact itinerary will be determined by the whims of the weather. Weather permitting we will overnight at White Pocket in order to photograph the low arching milky way over the awesome formations of white pocket.

Beautiful patterns in Arizona's Antelope Canyon.

Limited Edition of 200 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Prints of the American Southwest Red Rocks Country. Slot Canyon. Photos Copyright © Jess Lee

These trips are during the premier time to capture the epic dramatic skies in the high desert of the American southwest during sunrise and sunset. Our Native American partners will guide us to access spectacular locations in the restricted areas of both Navajo and Hopi-restricted backcountry.

Navajo Tapestry

During our brief visit to Page Az. we will have time to photograph the canyons and unique vistas of this popular area. We begin by photographing an inspiring sunset location such as Lake Powell. After dinner, we will regroup for our first venture in night sky photography where we will cover the basics of the night sky and Milky way photography and take time to make sure you and your equipment are ready for the days ahead when there will be ample opportunities to learn and practice subjects such as time-lapse, Milky Way and low light photography. These special places are not only remote but give some of the most unique landscapes in the world both day and night.

Much of the workshop will have our Native American guides taking us to places normally restricted for non-Native Americans. On this trip, you can visit more remote and less photographed areas and capture unique images. I will show you how to photograph these great locations and show you how to capture the great natural light and night sky illumination during this time of the year. If you wish to visit a more popular and crowded location you sho

uld plan to schedule additional time before or after this workshop.

El Captain Arizona

I choose my Native American guides not only for their knowledge of their homeland but also for their skills honed by years of working with professional photographers and film production companies. They will lead us to the most unique photographic locations in this icon of the American West. While doing this our guides will also tell us the stories and legends of their people in these sacred places.

Hunts Mesa Sunset Southwest photo workshop

Of course, the whims of natural light and weather will dictate the exact time at each location, but day or night, we will be at the best location for the current light and weather. While we will be in many isolated locations, there will be no strenuous hiking. Activity level is easy.

Price includes instruction, guiding, entrance fees to Monument Valley tribal lands, and special access fees. $3495.

Not included is Travel from and to your origin to Page, Navajo Guiding trips and fees. For the trip to White Pocket you will need to make a personal cash payment to our outfitter of $350.

Lodging Will be reserved, but payment is your responsibility. Transportation from April 6-12th is provided.

$1000 deposit holds your place. After registration you will receive detailed information on Milky Way Photography.

Arrival should be before Noon on the April 6 and you will be at Page by noon on the 12th.

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Terms and Conditions

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Sandstone patterns in Red Rocks country in Utah.

Limited Edition of 50 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Prints of Sandstone patterns of Red Rocks Country in the American Southwest. Photos Copyright © Jess Lee

Sunset on the Navajo desert in Arizona.

Fine Art Limited Edition Photography of Arizona.

Navajo Mountain. This is part of the luxurious collection of fine art, limited edition of 100 Arizona landscape prints. Photos copyright © Jess Lee