What are Peter Lik Type Prints ? Lik's not so secret , secret!

Landscape Photography

Peter Lik photography and the Lik style of photo prints

Peter Lik is a well known personality in the world of fine art landscape photography. Lik's personality may even be more well known than his photography due to his brash, bold, outgoing Aussie personality. Of course, like many artists, Lik's art does mimic his personality. Much of Lik's work is hallmarked by bright, bold colors in the wide panoramic format.

Peter Lik photography and the not so secret style of backlight photo prints

People often wonder how he achieves fine art landscape photography prints that are so bold and bright that they appear to be backlit. The process to achieve this backlit look is called Face Mounted Acrylic Prints with high gloss papers mounted on a rigid surface covered with one or more acrylic sheets. Face Mounted Acrylics are not a secret process with unique materials as propertied by several photographers trying to make themselves special with their marketing. The process makes a very attractive presentation with bright colors, as in the popular Japanese Maples found in the Pacific Northwest and other red-colored scenes. The process is explained here on my page, where I discuss the type of presentation offered at Jess Lee Photography. But the truth is that the face mounted acrylic print that has been referred to as the Peter Lik Style is truly an exceptional way to present fine art photography and is offered by many photo printing labs worldwide to all photographers.

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Autumn Evening Clouds with warm sunset light in Southwest Colorado

Autumn Evening Clouds with warm sunset light. A limited Edition Fine Art Landscape photo artwork of 200 pieces.

Sunrise Canyonlands

Limited Edition of 50 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Prints of Sun Rise over Canyonlands in Red Rocks Country. Photos Copyright © Jess Lee

Beautiful patterns in Arizona's Antelope Canyon.

Limited Edition of 200 Exclusive high-resolution Museum Quality Fine Art Prints of the American Southwest Red Rocks Country. Slot Canyon. Photos Copyright © Jess Lee

Red Emperor Japanese Maple in Fall

Fine Art Limited Edition Photograph of the Red Emperor Japanese Maple

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