Tree Photography Pictures and Wall Art Landscape Prints of Forest and Trees

Tree Wall Art Photos
Beautiful Tree Photography Wall Art Prints for sale. Pictures are available as Acrylic, Metal, Canvas, or Fine Art Paper wall art prints.

Tree Photography and Wall Art Prints

Tree photography gallery is a fine art photography gallery of beautiful pictures of trees designed to help you select and purchase high quality photography prints of trees and forests.Tree photography prints can be used to add a beautiful and natural element to any room or space. They can serve as a focal point or a complement to existing decor, adding a touch of nature and serenity to the environment. Trees are a powerful symbol of life, growth, and renewal. For some, a particular tree or forest may hold sentimental or emotional value. Owning a print of that tree or forest can be a way to keep that connection alive and present.Trees can be a source of inspiration for artists, writers, and other creatives. A beautiful tree photograph can evoke emotions and spark creativity, making it a valuable addition to a workspace or studio. I think it is amazing how tree photos can give humans an insight into our life. Like trees photographed as a group, we may all look alike, similar to seeing a forest such as the mighty California Redwood tree forest, a sprawling Colorado Aspen Tree Forest, or the small but sublime Oregon Japanese Maple trees. But when observing or photographing trees you will notice that each tree has its own shape or character and even though all trees share the commonality of having limbs, roots, and leaves each tree is an individual, as are humans.

For me, the photography of trees has been an ongoing project since when I first began photography. A photograph of a tree was the first image I took that received positive feedback from my mentor. Today I still find myself drawn to the forest for inspiration, as the magnificentRedwoods, the vast splash of the turning fall-colored Aspen trees in the evergreen forest of Colorado, or the many varieties of Maple treescaptivate my lens. These trees, standing tall and proud, hold a special place in my heart.

In my quest to capture the essence of these majestic beings, I have ventured into the vast Desertsof the American Southwest. Amidst seemingly barren lands, I discovered trees in riparian habitats that give definition to their surroundings. These resilient trees, able to thrive in such harsh conditions, embody the strength and adaptability that I find truly inspiring.

Each time I stand among the towering Redwoods, their ancient presence fills me with a sense of awe. Their immense size and grandeur remind me of the power and beauty of nature. And when I witness the vibrant colors of the Aspen trees during the fall season, it's as if the forest has been painted with strokes of gold and crimson, evoking a feeling of warmth and tranquility within me.

Through my lens, I strive to capture the unique character of each tree I encounter. Whether it's the intricate details of the bark, the graceful curves of the branches, or the interplay of light and shadow, I seek to convey the individuality and stories that these trees hold. It is in these moments, when I am surrounded by the silent presence of trees, that I feel a profound connection to the natural world.

Photographing trees has become more than just a project for me; it is a way of expressing my reverence and appreciation for the beauty that exists within our forests. The personal connection I have formed with trees, rooted in my early photography journey, continues to grow with each new encounter. Each tree I photograph becomes a testament to the enduring power of nature and a reminder of our interconnectedness with the world around us.

No matter the season, Trees and Forest add beauty and definition to the cycle of yearly life. The deep frost cover on barren leafless trees or the snow mantled evergreen forest is the image most people envision when thinking of the chill of winter. In spring, it is the shocking vibrant green of the forest and the flowering trees that show us the more gentle side of nature. In the summer the mature leaves and pine needled forest floors give us shelter from the harsh summer heat. Autumn brings the beauty of the turning color of many leafed trees and the Aspen forest which seemingly reminds us that change is as inevitable as the cycle of life.

Trees are an essential part of our natural world, providing oxygen, regulating the climate, and supporting countless species of animals and plants. Purchasing a tree photography print can be a way to support the conservation of forests and natural habitats. One percent of the revenue of this business is dedicated to donating to various conservation organizations through our partnership with 1% for the Planet.

Forest and trees fine art photography prints can bring beauty and peacefulness into your home or office. Order yours today and start enjoying Jess Lee's fabulous photography.

Below each stunning image, you can make your choice of presentation, size, and price of the fine art tree photography print to decorate your walls in elegance.

For the Love Of Trees

"In art, the beautiful tree of life is a common motif used in various forms to represent harmony, unity, and connections between heaven and earth, the past and present, death and rebirth. The symbol takes various forms, but basic elements include roots, trunk, branches and leaves, blossoms, or fruit. In the Jewish and Christian traditions, the tree of life is often used to represent the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The Mexican tree of life often depicts religious stories, such as the tale of Adam and Eve or the story of Noah's ark. The motif is also a traditional Celtic symbol, where it is often depicted as one big circle connecting all forms of life. We use the same tree of life design in 'family trees' to depict connections within a family group."

The Print

These tree and forest landscape photographs are offered as high-quality prints for sale as created by Jess Lee. All of the images you see here can be printed to very large size and still maintain great resolution and detail. My prints are made from the finest materials in the industry and are available as Lumachrome HD Trulife Acrylic Prints, Exhibit Mounted Metal Prints, and Fuji Crystal Archive Prints. The prints ordered from this gallery are delivered signed and numbered. In addition, along with the luxurious collectible print, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity signed by myself.

After selecting the desired photograph, just select the type and size of print you would like to purchase in the area beneath the photo. If you are looking for a different size than what is shown or have any other questions or special needs, please contact us. For more information and details regarding these museum-quality landscape prints for sale, please click on this link to our Prints Page.

What is the reason of photographing trees to my photography

"For me, the significance of trees in my work as a photographer cannot be overstated. From the very beginning of my journey in photography, I discovered the power and allure of capturing the essence of trees through my lens. It was a pivotal moment when my mentor praised the first photograph I took of a tree, igniting a passion within me that still burns brightly today. The forest has become my sanctuary, a boundless source of inspiration. Whether I find myself standing in awe of the majestic Redwoods, witnessing the breathtaking display of fall-colored Aspen trees in the verdant forests of Colorado, or marveling at the diverse array of Maple trees, I am constantly reminded of the profound beauty and resilience of nature. Even in the seemingly barren landscapes of the American Southwest, trees in riparian habitats create an oasis of life and vitality. These trees, against all odds, thrive in their arid surroundings, imparting a sense of purpose and definition to an otherwise harsh and desolate land. Through my work, I strive to capture not only the physical grandeur of trees but also their symbolic significance. Trees are universal symbols of life, change, growth, and fortitude. Each tree has a story to tell, a unique character that reflects the rich tapestry of our planet Earth. The images I have collected over the years bear testament to the incredible diversity and significance of trees. They serve as a visual reminder of the interconnectedness between humanity and nature, and the importance of preserving and cherishing our natural world. In every photograph I take, I aim to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of trees and convey their profound impact on our lives. They stand as pillars of strength, offering solace and inspiration, and reminding us of the inherent beauty and resilience of the natural world we are privileged to be a part of.

I appreciate your taking the time to look at the many images I have to offer, and if you have any questions or special needs, I would be happy to hear from you.

Question I am often asked about my Tree Photography

1. What is your favorite tree to Photograph? That is always a difficult question for me to answer since I find many trees interesting and challenging to photograph, but it is the Redwoods that will always hold a special place for me. That is probably because I grew up in central California, and I have many fond memories of camping in the Giant Sequoias and the Redwood groves of Yosemite.

2. What is your favorite season to Photograph trees? Each season has its own charm, but Autumn, of course, has vibrant colored trees, whether it be the Northeast forest, The Rocky Mountain and Easter Sierras Aspens, or the variety of the Pacific Northwest, which are fleeting but dramatic. Spring gives us a longer season to seek out the best blooms, so there is more opportunity, so those two are a tossup for me.

3. When is the best time for Autumn Color? Frankly, it is hard to pick a peak time no matter where you are going. I find myself going to this link to get the best guess.

No matter where you travel to photograph forests and trees, good luck, and don't forget your polarizing filter.