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Horse Photography Prints as Fine Art

What makes horse photography such an incredible subject for fine art prints? Equine romance, beauty, strength, power, and grace would be a few words that could describe the feelings and emotions that can be visualized in something as simple as an elegant equine photography print.

Since the earliest recorded history of the human race, horses have been drawn on the walls of caves, hung as paintings and tapestries in castles, and carved into the earth on the side of mountains. Horses are a symbol of strength and beauty and have been connected to and admired by humans around the world. Today we have photography and great Equine or Horse photographers to capture the intrinsic qualities of the horse in real-time. For centuries painters and sketch artists have tried to capture the power beauty and elegance of the horses it has only been in the very short past that photography artists have been able to capture in a timeless image the quickly passing vision we see of the horse in motion.

A few examples of Horse Photography as Fine Art can be seen below.

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