Aspen Tree Photos and Wall Art Pictures for Sale.

The Beauty of Quaking Aspens

This Aspen Photography Gallery celebrates the beauty and soothing vision of the Western Landscape graced with shimmering gold, yellow or even summer green of slender aspen leaves fairly dancing agains the alpine sky. In this photography gallery you can view and purchase exquisite fine art limited edition print of aspen covered mountains and valleys from the selection of images below. When you select your purchase scroll down below the print to see the various sizes and presentations you print is available for your order.

Enjoying the Aspen Forrest

During the spring, summer, or fall, ( the most colorful time) visit an aspen stand on one of our western forests. Seek out a sunny spot, lay or sit down on the ground and listen to the trees as they whisper to one another making their quaking sound. The soft whispering rustle of a quaking aspen is unlike the sound of any other tree in the forest and will bring a relaxing sense of calm to your day.

Quaking aspen is America's liveliest tree. With just the faintest breeze, the aspens round leaves tremble almost incessantly, like the fluttering of butterfly wings.

The twinkling of one leaf stem, from one and one-half to three inches long, is flat and turned at right angles with the blade of the leaf. This unique leaf stem allows the leaves of the aspen to quake bringing a delightful sense of motion to the forest.

Where to find Aspen Trees?

Quaking aspen is the most widely distributed native North American tree species. Aspen Trees grow in greatly diverse regions, environments, and communities. Aspens occur across Canada, through the United States, to Mexico, in a variety of habitats from the shoulder of our highest mountains to alpine valley floors. In the western United States, aspen is generally found at 5,000 to 12,000 feet elevation. Aspens can dominate a large vegetated area with extensive pure stands in some areas, while in others, it is a minor component of the forest landscape. Most of the aspen forest in the United States is found in Utah and Colorado. But Aspens are popular leaf peeping and photography subjects in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains of California and generally throughout all of the western states.