Fine Art Photography or Digital Art? Who's kidding themselves ?

It is time to get real about reality

Fine art photography and digital artistry are two different approaches to creating images, and while there may be some overlap in techniques used, there are some fundamental differences between the two.

Fine art photography is a genre of photography that emphasizes the aesthetic value of the image. It is a form of visual art that seeks to communicate an idea or evoke an emotion through the use of composition, lighting, and other technical elements. The photographer may use adjustments and digital processing techniques to enhance the image, but these adjustments are typically made within the context of the original photograph.

In fine art photography, the goal is to create an image that is true to the original scene, but that also reflects the artist's unique vision and style. The adjustments made to the image are intended to bring out the best in the original photo, without altering it beyond recognition. Fine art photographers often use techniques such as dodging and burning, color correction, and contrast adjustments to achieve their desired results.

Digital artistry, on the other hand, involves the creation of images that are entirely digital in nature. While digital artists may use photographs as a starting point, the finished print may contain parts that were not in the original photo. Digital artists often use a combination of photo manipulation, illustration, and other techniques to create their images. The final product may be a highly stylized, surrealistic image that is far removed from the original photograph.

The difference between fine art photography and digital artistry lies in the approach to creating the image. Fine art photography is about enhancing and bringing to life the original photograph, whereas digital artistry is about using the photograph as a starting point to create something entirely new and different. While both approaches can result in stunning and visually striking images, they are fundamentally different in their approach and techniques used.

Beautiful Photography, Fine Art Landscape Print Of Joshua Tree National Park, California
Joshua Tree National Park, California