Southwest Monsoon Photography Workshop and instructional Tour

Southwest Exclusive, Small Group Photo Workshop

August 15-21st 2021

Tour Epic Locations, Photograph the Milky Way.

This photo workshop during the new moon will feature many iconic locations for both day and night photo shoots. We will photograph places beyond the normal southwest photo tour. Places like Hunts Mesa and White Pocket for Sunrise, Sunset and Milky Way Photohraphy will provide you with thrilling images and the instruction to capture these epic locations and process your images to bring the out the beauity of these locations.

In northern Arizona and on to Utah are the tribal lands of the Navajo and Hopi people. Some of the more famous locations are Monument Valley and Hunts Mesa. Lesser known and visited are places like Coal Mine and Blue Canyon. These are special places to both the Native Peoples and photographers. Unique in the American West these locations captivate the spirit of the west made famous by many iconic western movies and will be spell bounding locations for our day and night photography during this unique workshop.

This is the premier time to capture epic Milky Way images during the new moon and the monsoon season of dramatic skies in the high desert of the American southwest during sunrise and sunset. Our Native American partners will guides us to access spectacular locations in the restricted areas of both Navajo and Hopi restricted back country.

Monument Valley Milky Way

We will begin and end this trip in Page Arizona home of hodos, rimrocks and other unworldly formations. Page is a good jumping off place to the more remote areas since it has semi regular flights and rental cars. You can also arrive and depart from other southwest locations such as Flagstaff AZ, Grand Junction, Colorado or Las Vegas, NV all of which offer scenic routes to photograph prior to and after our Southwest Hidden Canyons and Monuments photo workshop.

 White Pocket Photo Tour
 Monument Valley car trails
 Blue Canyon

During our brief arrival and departure visit to Page Az. we will have time to photograph the canyons and unique vista's of this popular area. We begin by photographing a inspiring sunset location such as Lake Powell. After dinner we will regroup for our first venture in night sky photography where we will cover the basics of night sky and Milky way photography and take time to make sure you and your equipment are ready for the days ahead when there will be ample opportunities to learn and practice subject such as time lapse, Milky Way and low light photography. During this trip weather permitting we will overnight at both Hunts Mesa and White Pocket. These special places are nort only remote but give some of the most unique landscape in the world both day and night.

 El Captain Arizona

Much of the workshop will have our Native American guides taking us to places normally restricted for non Native Americans. On this trip you can visit more remote and less photographed areas and capture unique images. I will show you how to photograph these great locations and show you how to capture the great natural light and night sky illumination during this time of the year. If you wish to visit more popular and crowded location us should pan to schedule additional time before or after this workshop.

I choose my Native American guides not only their knowledge of their homeland, but also for their skills honed by years of working with professional photographers and film production companies. They will lead us to the most unique photographic locations in this icon of the American west. While doing this our guides will also tell us the stories and legends of their people in these sacred places.

Hunts Mesa Sunset Southwest photo workshop
Southwest Photo workshop
Southwest Photo workshop

Of course the whims of natures light and weather will dictate the exact time at each location but day or night we will be at the best location for the current light and weather

Price includes, Lodging,transportation to and from Page Az. instruction, guiding, Native American guide fees, Model fees, entrance fees to Monument Valley tribal lands and special access fees.

$3995. double

Single room $350.

Not included, meals and guide gratuities.

$1750 deposit holds your place.

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See You there!