Jess, I spent some more time looking through your galleries last night, extremely enjoyable time I might add. Jess, you are one of the best photographers I have known. Your work is just outrageously good. The detail, color, perspective, and light are as well managed as photography can get. Your artistic creativity is second to none. I saw several works that looked just like a painting in your "Cowboy" gallery. The bear in the water chasing a salmon, diving almost straight at you is just perfect. I have shot the scene a 100 times and never got a shot that would compete with that one. And I love the full face Cape Buffalo. Am going to send that to a friend of mine that is a big African hunter and see if I can get him interested in it. Your Landscapes are just magnificent. I knew a lot of the top guys in that area many years ago and you are right up there at the top with them. Not trying to butter you up here but when I see work that shows the amount of hard work you have invested, I feel like I should comment. And I don't do that much. I know what it takes to get great shots and you have obviously invested your life into this and should be commended...and rewarded. I am just happy to tell a few folks I have met you! Keep of the great work Jess. I look forward to seeing more in the future. All the best, George Barnett