Legacy Editions of Rare Very Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Prints

Legacy Editions of Rare and Unique Photography Prints

While I am in the field searching for great images from 200 to 300 day each year there are only a very few times in nature when all of the condition are such as to allow me to capture a very rare scene. Those captures are so special that they will only be offered in very small limited editions of 10 prints. The prints in this special collection will only be printed on TrueLife Lumachrome Acrylic Prints or Fine Art Rag Paper. The print can be printed in custom sizes to meet individual needs stating at 60 inches on the long side. Investment beginning at $5500. for the Fine Art Rag and $7900. for the TrueLife Lumachrome Acrylic. All prints can't be displayed up to 120 inch long side in one piece or larger in multi-segment presentations.
Should you wish to discuss the purchase of one of these rare prints or other special commission works contact me to discuss your needs .

Monsoon Storm at sunrise over Monument Valley.
Mars Overlook, Utah
Monument Valley storm at sunrise in a beautiful fine art photography print.
Navajo Land Arizona - Utah
Twin Peaks Lightning Strike
Arizona Lake Powell Navajo Reservation
Morning on Bandon Beach, Oregon
Oregon Coast, Pacific Northwest USA
Bandon Morning Blues
Oregon Coast, Pacific Northwest USA