Onaqui, Utah Wild Horses Photo Workshop

Onaqui wild horses, a Utah Photo workshop

As usual, this great herd of Mustangs did not disappoint us. Considering that we had to postpone the trip by six weeks due to Covid 19 the herds were still very active with stallions chasing each other and mares, little family squabbles, and the usual bachelor band antics. The number of foals was impressive and there were several mares still in waiting for the big day. Most of the natural water holes were dry but the bands all had plenty of water thanks to the man-made watering places. We were in the field from before sunrise and at sunset which in mid June makes the trip a real feat of endurance. Thankfully next year's trip will start the end of April so we will be able to actually get some rest-------of course, if you have been on one of my trips you know that is a joke LOL.