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Ansel Adams and His Enduring Influence on Landscape Photography
05-24-2023  |  Yosemite National Park

Ansel Adams, more than a Black and White Landscape Photographer

Ansel Adams, possibly the most important iconic figure in the world of photography, has left an indelible impression on the discipline of landscape photography...

Best New Telephoto Lenses  for Wildlife Photography
05-01-2023  |  World Wide
The Best Wildlife Photography Lenses Wildlife Photographers Dream Lenses | New Designs By Nikon Brings the Best Telephotos for Wildlife

Wildlife Photographers Lenses are one of the most important part of their quest for great images...

How to get started in Black and White Landscape Photography?
May 17  |  Worldwide
Black and White Photography Basics for Fine Art Prints

Black and white landscape photography can provide a unique perspective on the world around us. Without the distractions of color, the viewer is drawn to the shapes, textures, and contrasts within the frame...

How to use the Ansel Adams Black and White Zone system in the digital world.
World Wide
How to use Ansel Adams Zone System for Black and White Photography to make a correct exposure in the Digital world.

The Zone System is a photographic technique for determining optimal exposure and processing , formulated by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer...

How to make beautiful tree photographs
A Tree or Forest near me
Mastering Great Tree Photographs

Trees make great photo subjects. While it is not always easy to find good trees for beautiful creative photography, once you find an interesting tree it is likely to be there where you found it waiting for you to capture its beauty...

How to use multiple photography techniques for Landscapes, Wildlife, Cowboy & Horse fine art images.
05-19-2020  |  Planet Earth and beyond

Photo © Jess Lee

So, What does it take to create photography like this, how do you use the Hardware and Software? Is it all the cameras, lens, and tripods or is it all "Photoshopping it"? One pro's take on what and how to create great images...