Night Photos - Stars, Milky Way, Aurora, and Astro Pictures

Fine Art Pictures of the Night Sky or Nightscapes

The Night Photography Gallery is a collection of museum quality fine art prints showcasing beautiful night pictures of the Milky Way, Stars, and the Aurora in fine art prints from some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. These are art works are not true astrophotography since a major part of the art includes land and sea forms and are property called Nightscapes.

Beautiful Photography Picture from Arches National Park


To select a piece of art for purchase, after viewing in the gallery click on your selection and scroll below the picture and use the drop down menus below each photo on the product page to choose your medium (Acrylic, Fine Art Paper, and Metal) and finished size. Then proceed to check out.

About the Milky Way

Milky Way has a relatively low surface brightness. Its visibility can be greatly reduced by background light, such as light pollution or moonlight. The sky needs to be darker than about 20.2 magnitude per square arcsecond in order for the Milky Way to be visible.[41] It should be visible if the limiting magnitude is approximately +5.1 or better and shows a great deal of detail at +6.1.[42] This makes the Milky Way difficult to see from brightly lit urban or suburban areas, but very prominent when viewed from rural areas when the Moon is below the horizon.[b] Maps of artificial night sky brightness show that more than one-third of Earth's population cannot see the Milky Way from their homes due to light pollution.[43]