Fine Art Photography and the Peter Lik Style Print

What is Peter Lik Style Fine Art Photography?

Peter Lik, whether you love his work or think he is a fraud, has changed the way collectors select photography. It has also made photographers reconsider the definition of Fine Art Photography.

Fine Art Photography is a term that has been loosely thrown around in the world of art. But what does it actually mean?

Well, it means that your photos are not just photographs, they are ART. Even more than that, they are FINE ART!

Fine art photography is defined as an art form, with aesthetic value, whose medium is photography. Fine art photography can be created by any artist or photographer who has mastered the craft. There are no limitations on the subject matter or approach to creating fine art photography.

This is what Fine Art Photography in Nature is today. In the past we only thought or were told that Fine Art Photography had to be Black and White stark images preferable of a dimly lit street in Europe or the figures of nude young women.

Thankfully we are past that foolish definition, Peter Lik and other creative photographers have shown the world that bold colors, creatively processed large prints, and careful compositions, are the preferred art of many Luxury home buyers, Collectors, and people who are not afraid to purchase what the enjoy.

The Fine Art photography in this article is the sole property and creation of Jess Lee and in no way represented the work of any other photographer.

Tree Photography Gallery

Fine Art Tree Photography of Abstract photo of Aspen Trees. © Jess Lee

What is Fine Art Photography?

The term 'fine art photography' is used to describe photographs that are not just images, but are also pieces of art. Unlike normal photographs, fine art photographs are not limited by subject matter or approach to creation.

Anyone who has mastered the craft can create a work of fine art photography.

Fine Art Photography is a beautiful way to capture the world in a new light. It's an incredible form of self-expression that helps us remember and appreciate what we love most about life.

The Different Approaches to Fine Art Photography

Broadly speaking, there are two major approaches to fine art photography.

The first is surrealism. This style relies heavily on the imagination of the artist and uses techniques like double-exposure or digital manipulation to create images that might not be possible in reality. Photographers like Peter Lik and other creative photographers are well known for this approach.

Peter Lik's work ranges from Peter's famous tree photography to Antelope Canyon and many other subjects you might see on a daily basis but may not recognize as a photo subject. His style has given him worldwide attention and acclaim for his work.

The second approach is realism, which strives to produce images that resemble what you would see with your own eyes. Ansel Adams was a photographer who utilized this classic technique. Of course Ansel Adams is widely know as the father of western and National Parks landscape photography and especially the beautiful valley and granite buttresses of Yosemite. Adams large format photography created in the 1930's and 40's still hold a place in the portfolio of todays master fine art landscape photographers such as Jess Lee.

There are many other distinctions between various types of photography, but these two main types give you a good idea of what constitutes fine art photography.

Yosemite Spring Flow

Waterfalls and streams with their Spring Flows in Yosemite Valley. © Jess Lee

How Peter Lik Style Fine Art Photography Changed the Industry

After the release of Lik's, "Phantom" series in 2006, Peter's style seemed to many as something fresh. This new approach to fine art photography has become more prevalent in the industry, and has allowed photographers to express themselves with their own styles, often blending the classic landscape images with the vibrant color and light captured with todays highest resolution cameras.

Fine Art Photography of Winter in the Tetons

Grant Teton Limited Edition Landscape Print of 200 pieces. Enjoy the beauty of being at the Tetons on a winter morning. Order today. ©Jess Lee

This freedom of expression has also given rise to a myriad of opportunities for artists, who can now create work that is true to themselves.

By practicing his craft and developing his style Lik has become an icon of fine art photography. He is credited with paving the way for other artists who are interested in following their own artistic visions.


Fine art photography is a form of art that has been around for centuries. It's only recently come to be recognized as its own genre of photography. Fine art photography can be created by any artist or photographer who has mastered the craft and you can see great examples of this artistry here on the Galleries of Jess Lee Photography.

There are no limitations on the subject matter or approach to creating fine art photography, which makes this type of photography appealing to many photographers and artists. Here at Jess Lee Photography you will see many styles of photography each mastered and presented to match the subject.